World’s First Open Source Village Reality

Open Source Village Drawings

Yesterday, March 18, 2016, I found myself walking over the limestone and concrete path towards the new village. It was the the official opening of the world’s first open source village in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo, Mexico). Phase one started with 12 homes and 34 apartments opening. We  were not able to make the expected total of 88 homes that were (97%) sold but we got a long way in with only 12 months passing since the land was bought. Read On…

The Nexo Project

Nexo Logo

I’ve been searching for a new challenge something that comes after my current project finishes. I keep pushing myself to do something bigger that have an impact on how people interact online. I’m seeing that in my personal live that I’m looking for something less commercial and more impactful.

During my search I kept seeing that their amazing projects in our region and I talked to many people with passions in permaculture (food), architects (housing), solar, and I got fed-up. Now thanx to Enspiral’s well documented project I think I got a pretty clear idea on how to solve this, I call this Nexo (see video below).

Read On…

Urban Food Mexico, Presentation of Aquaponics and Permaculture Micro-Farms for The Nexo Network in Playa del Carmen

Urban Food Playa del Carmen

A couple of months ago I started sharing my learnings about a alternative way to live and from that came our solar energy presentation that you can find here. But part of that learning was about existing projects that make an impact in our local community not only in energy but in food. Read On…