Fire Your Applicants Before You Hire Them

Did you ever hear the suggestion: Hire slow, fire fast? But did you ever hear the advice to fire as many applicants before hiring them?

Here an example from my personal experience… I got 30 applications for a sales assistant job. Here are four steps to fire applicants as many applicant before I hire them:

  1. Everyone without cover letter (or small email) that send the email just with resume… fire from application process. Do write them fast and honest, saying that you expect more from sales people. This filters 80% of your applicants.
  2. Ask all to explain in short paragraph how they fit the skills you asked for in the job profile (oops, 50% has no clue where they found the job) so they fire themselves, again.
  3. Say you will contact them in 2 weeks. The one who responds within 2 weeks to remind you… goes with a star to next round.
  4. Ask everyone how they would find a specific group of leads in LinkedIn.Attention Applicants

If they say “I don’t pitch” (yes also happened tonight to me) you know you they filtered themselves fast haha.

The above steps already filters 98% of the applicants here in Mexico. But the ones that do got to setup a Skype call in my calendar and continue to the next round.

Never, never … settle for bad team members, they are a dangerous asset to have in a small company. Even if you end up without a new sales assistant (like I did)…