Alternatives now Sipgate Shuts Down

This week another VOIP provider fell over: will shut down services end of October this year. Now I need to find a different provider that offers: sip, simple PBX with 3 extensions and 3 groups, IVR (group announcements that I have in MP3) and for under 50 USD a month. That is a challenge, have you found one already? If so use the comments to help each-other and me with a Sipgate Alternative. alternative shut down

The original email I got last week.

Your phone service will end on 10/31/2013

Dear sipgate customer,

We regret to inform you that all services will be closed by the 31st of October 2013.

What happens on the 31st?

  • All services offered at will cease:
  • You will no longer be able to receive or make calls with your sipgate account’s phone number(s);
  • Account login at will not be possible;
  • Emergency Services (911) will not be available via;
  • Call records, billing history will no longer be available.

Advice: Please be sure to download and save all account billing and call records you wish to retain prior to service closure.

Can I port my existing number(s) to another service provider?

Yes! If you want to keep using your number(s) provided by sipgate Inc. after the 31st you will need to transfer them to another service provider before services close.

To port a number off your sipgate account please contact your new service provider. They will handle the number transfer on your behalf.

What will happen to the credit balance on my account?

The remaining credit balance can be refunded. To get a refund of your account’s credit balance please provide your PayPal e-mail address and your sipgate Account No. (7 digits): The refund will be transferred onto your PayPal account. Should you have no PayPal account please provide a valid e-mail address and your sipgate Account No. (7 digits) to further the refund process.

We greatly appreciate your custom and wish to ensure the closure of sipgate USA’s services causes the minimum disruption to you.

Thank you for using


the Team