Solar Energy Mexico, Presentation of EcoCenter Solar for 1000 City Gardens in Playa del Carmen

Solar Panels Playa del Carmen Mexico 1000 Gardens HomeStead

Where do you go when you want to have more control over what you eat and how you want to grow your own food but have limited space in the city. I started to wonder about this but I’m not that much of a gardner nor I want to be one, really… I want to be a part-time hippie where I can choose the learn about nature, live healthier but still run my tech-company. But maybe in the weekends want to go to “the garden”. With that idea I started wondering… in public, this is what happened.

You meet others that think alike, you start connecting and with this public brainstorming I did in a local Facebook group I got together two dozen people that wanted to learn more about how to change their live for the better in Mexico.

Mostly expats that just received their peak electricity bill from CFE (the Mexican energy company) and some got to their surprise bills 2x to 5x higher.

The idea of helping the world and lowing your bills sounded logical and we got together and listened to EcoSolar’s team Rand and Roger about how grid-connected solar panels work in Playa del Carmen (they install from Cancun to Tulum and have their office in Puerto Aventuras).

Below the set of videos I recorded and pasted together for the first step in learning more about how energy could work for “1000 Gardens Playa del Carmen – 1000 Jardines Playa del Carmen“.