Urban Food Mexico, Presentation of Aquaponics and Permaculture Micro-Farms for The Nexo Network in Playa del Carmen

A couple of months ago I started sharing my learnings about a alternative way to live and from that came our solar energy presentation that you can find here. But part of that learning was about existing projects that make an impact in our local community not only in energy but in food.

Where do you go when you want to have more control over what vegetables you eat and how you want to grow your own food but have limited space in the city. In our case Playa del Carmen… what projects and people are trying to solve this. So with help from people inside our expats group for Playa del Carmen, we found two speakers and 25 people interested in learning more.

Mexico is not new to organic farming, but with 110,000 to 160,000 farms (estimate Jan. 2014) that mostly focus on export to US and Canada, we do miss the local availability of organic vegetables on the local farmers market every week. Their many initiatives to learn on how to grow your own food and courses in abundance but not many incorporate the idea of urban farming and letting an external party install and maintain it. I thought this angle needed attention.

Below the video I recorded and edited for the first step in learning more about how you can grow your own food. I hope you enjoy it and consider making the 1 year upfront investment to get all the vegetables you need for you family. Yes, you read it right, one year return on investment for healthy vegetables.

Video of both presentations (1:11 hour)

Slides Osbaldo Playa del Carmen

Sides Greenatopia Aquaponics (Johnathan Ugalde Vazquez and Aaron Brown) Playa del Carmen