Visit to Mexico’s Green Magic Homes Factory (August 2016)

Green Magic Homes Factory Visit Mexico August 2016

Green Magic Homes is probably one of the most viral sustainable (hobbit) homes on the internet. With hundreds of images and video popping up still since it launch many years ago, see Treehugger, Metro and many more. But many of these articles featured nothing more than renders like these below… until we visited the first official factory of Green Magic Homes in Mexico some weeks ago.

The images look wonderful but nowhere could we find what happened to the concept. It seemed to have had some installs in 2014 in Ecuador and Colombia but not much seem to have moved since. What happened? Are they still alive as a company?


We contacted Gustavo Santander to ask for a tour of the factory in Cancun Mexico. The first factory after what seemed to be a broken relationship in Colombia now fresh and ready for new goals. Below you see one of the video tours of a home but we wanted to see with our own eyes if we could really order a couple. So we went to Cancun Mexico and spoke to local partner Kurt Blake.

Below a sneak preview of our factory visit where we (Johnathan and myself) saw with our own eyes the production facility of Green Magic Homes.

We are interested in using these fiber hobbit homes for a sustainable cohousing and regeneration village in Playa del Carmen, an idea I have been playing with for over a year now.

Interested in building it with us or buying your property? Shoot me an email.