The Nexo Project

I’ve been searching for a new challenge something that comes after my current project finishes. I keep pushing myself to do something bigger that have an impact on how people interact online. I’m seeing that in my personal live that I’m looking for something less commercial and more impactful.

During my search I kept seeing that their amazing projects in our region and I talked to many people with passions in permaculture (food), architects (housing), solar, and I got fed-up. Now thanx to Enspiral’s well documented project I think I got a pretty clear idea on how to solve this, I call this Nexo (see video below).

I also document my learnings on Github here and here. Now I think their awesome project and I think rebuilding a community from within where Nexo can focus on making existing projects more professional, fund them and they fund new ones. Social enterprises use the existing system of money and business to build a better community that in time will be less dependent on these external sources.

Interested in joining? Reach out to me.